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Masonry Reconstruction

Reconstruction consists of items such as chimneys, parapets, railings, stair cheek walls, steps, wall segments, etc. that require rebuilding. Reconstruction is executed to match the original design using the original materials whenever possible. Marion services include but are not limited to:

Chimney & Firebox Reconstruction:

Mortar deteriorated through the brick wythes of a chimney, loose brick, and flue tile out of alignment are indicators that rebuilding is necessary. Chimney brick and/or stone is reused whenever possible. Loose brick and open mortar joints in a firebox are fire hazards. Marion resets loose brick and repoint mortar. Creosote build-up is also a fire hazard, and must be cleaned.

Brick and Stone Matching:

Marion matches stone and brick to ensure that replacement units visually blend into the existing material. We utilize numerous salvage resources for brick matching. Nearly all stone varieties and colors are still obtainable.

Parapet Reconstruction:

Marion’s experience with parapet rebuilding is extensive. From decorative high-rise cornices to small-scale parapets, terra cotta, sheet metal, brick, and stone. When reconstructing a failed parapet, Marion considers the underlying issues that created the problem and works with the property owner to ensure that deterioration does not reoccur by fine-tuning the unseen details, such as through-wall flashing.

Railing Wall and Stair Reconstruction:

Porch and stair railing walls and stairs are reconstructed to the original design. New footings and foundations are often required.

Wall Reconstruction:

Spot to whole-scale reconstruction of failed brick veneer, load-bearing masonry, foundation walls (rubble coursed stone, cut stone, concrete, brick), etc.


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