5617-19 S. Dorchester Ave, Chicago IL


5617-19 S. Dorchester Ave, Chicago IL

Scope of work:

Masonry Reconstruction

Project description:

During the site visit, Marion Restoration discovered the building conditions and suggested some critical changes that were necessary to proceed.

The West end of the North elevation was showing extensive deterioration of the brick masonry between the concrete and coping tiles. These bricks were previously painted with a non-breathable paint creating conditions for trapping moisture within the wall. The parapet on these elevation has been rebuilt.

The conditions of the northern wall of the 8th floor terrace was causing water penetration in the below unit, 7N. We have repaired the terrace wall on the north side. 100% of mortar joints on the north and south elevation areas have been repointed.

We have also repaired 7th floor window jamb: rust has been removed and the inhibitor to upper six window frames has been applied.