Terra Cotta Restoration

Marion has extensive terracotta repair and restoration experience. This wide range of experience includes:


Removal of surface grime, black encrustation, surface and sub-surface salts (efflorescence and sub-florescence), and geological growth.

Crack Repair:

Cracks over ¼” in width where the unit has not completely fractured and is still securely anchored to the structure.

Hairline Crack Repair:

Fine cracks typically only surface and under ¼” in width.

Fracture Repair:

Complete crack through the unit requiring removal, rejoining of the segments, and surface repair at the crack site, and then resetting in new bedding mortar.

Paint Removal:

Chemical stripping of non-original surface coatings.


Custom patching of missing or spalled areas.

Recreation of Lost Detail:

Patching of the missing area is then carved to match the original detail. The patch is then finished with custom matched glaze.

Repair of Glaze Crazing:

Custom colored dispersed lime injection is utilized to repair fine cracks in the glaze. This treatment is then coated with a topcoat to bind the glaze to prevent further crazing.


Custom colored materials are made to recoat faded or failed terra cotta glazes.

Replacement Unit Installation:

Techniques vary based upon the original construction of the units and building structure.  Marion works closely with the terra cotta manufacturer to insure a successful fabrication and installation.

Marion repointing work is executed in accordance with the National Park Service, Technical Preservation Service’s Preservation Brief #7, “The Preservation of Historic Glazed Terra-Cotta” by de Teel Patterson Tiller. Marion works in partnership with our sister company U.S. Heritage Group, Inc. to develop custom patch material and coating.


Ambassador Hotel; Colonel Gustavus A. Palmer House; Church in the city, Milwaukee WI; Medinah Temple, Chicago IL and more.