Louis B. Frederick House, Barrington Hills IL


19 W County Line Road, Barrington Hills IL (Louis B. Frederick House)

Scope of work:

Masonry Cleaning

Project description:

Louis Frederick House in Barrington Hills home, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, has received major changes over the decades. Marion Restoration took care of the exterior restoration of the house.

We started our restoration works from the mortar analysis carried out by US Heritage Group. We then applied the cleaning test to determine appropriate cleaning procedures: we have cleaned all exterior brick masonry surfaces including chimneys, bricks at base of entry foyer, efflorescence on exterior masonry and the interior chimney have all been neutralized, and a poultice have been applied to draw salts from the masonry surfaces.

Mortar was deteriorating and brick units were loosening within the retaining wall adjacent to the carport at the south elevation of the house. The top 3 courses (including rowlock) of the wall have been rebuilt to restore their integrity and to facilitate the installation of flashing beneath the rowlock. We have also repointed all cracked or open joints, and all unoriginal inappropriate mortar over 100% of south, east, west, and north elevations of house including chimney-abutting walls and retaining wall at entry.

The rear terrace walls were in fairly good condition overall, but were in need of repointing as mortar was deteriorating. We have repointed 100% of brick mortar joints on interior and exterior of north and west terrace walls at rear of house utilizing US Heritage Group matched mortar.

The rowlock on the top of chimney walls have been reinstated, the current stone copings have been removed to restore the chimneys to their original design. The walls beneath the rowlock have been protected by stainless steel through flashing.