Cantigny Park, Robert R. Mccormick Museum, Wheaton IL


1S151 Winfield Rd, Wheaton IL (Cantigny Park, Robert R. Mccormick Museum)

Scope of work:

Stairs Restoration, Stone Replacement and Restoration

Project description:

Cantigny park is well-known for the house of Robert R McCormick, which now has become a public museum. Marion Restoration was hired to do stairs restoration at the east elevation. We have cleaned the sandstone stairs using hot water at low psi, repaired chipped tread using a Dutchman repair and US Heritage Group Heritage Stone Repair Mortar. Iron railings have been removed and reinstalled in the same location after sandblasting and painting with epoxy coating. We have also replaced sealant at all skyward-facing joints using elastomeric polyurethane sealant, repaired upper tread by cutting off deteriorated end with new matching end, and finished sealant with dry aggregate from the bedding mortar to more aesthetically match the mortar.