Wrightwood Gallery, Chicago IL


Wrightwood Gallery, Chicago IL

Scope of work:

Concrete Repair

Project description:

Designed by architect Tadao Ando, Wrightwood 659 has undergone some esthetic repairs (the repair of imperfections in the new concrete structures, including exterior soffit and interior walls and stairs) executed by Marion Restoration. The project had three phases. The first phase included obtaining samples to be tested for the concrete composition, producing a patching mortar and stain, installing the patching mortar and staining on site to determine its compatibility and visual appearance with the existing concrete. Phase two included execution of all patching and staining on the exterior soffit surfaces. Phase three involved the restoration of interior walls and stairs. Based on results from the concrete testing provided by US Heritage Group custom-blended restoration mortar has been applied in lifts and has been hydrated periodically to ensure proper curing.