4901 S Ellis Ave, Chicago IL


4901 S Ellis Ave, Chicago IL (Kopko)

Scope of work:

Portico Masonry Restoration

Project description:

The building was built in 1902 by Nimmons & Fellows and it’s located not a far distance from Rosenwald’s greatest gift to the City of Chicago, the Museum of Science & Industry. Now this is a private residence which Marion Restoration had the opportunity to restore the historical origin. Several factors were contributing to masonry deterioration at the projecting portico on the north elevation. Roofing and flashing were likely a factor in deterioration, efflorescence (surface salts) was etching the face of the brick, damaging its protective fire skin, salts also accelerated mortar deterioration, deteriorated bedding mortar couldn’t be repointed, so those areas were rebuilt. Also, the existing canopy consisted of two original metal brackets and a modern canvas covering. Historic images depict a glass-roofed canopy. An alternative copper canopy reusing existing framing have been installed.