2119 W Le Moyne St, Chicago IL


2119 W Le Moyne St, Chicago IL

Scope of work:

Masonry Cleaning, Stone Detail Reconstruction, Masonry Repointing, Reconstruction of spite wall

Project description:

One of the most talkable projects Marion Restoration has ever had. Our company was hired to help solve several problems the building had faced during its lifetime. The facade of the building has been carefully cleaned of atmospheric soiling. During the restoration it was determined that removing the spite wall was necessary, as we have rebuilt the basement. After the basement was rebuilt, we have placed the wall back exactly as it was before restoration.
To know more why this project has become famous, please follow the link: https://www.dnainfo.com/chicago/20150527/wicker-park/removal-of-wicker-park-greystones-spite-wall-alarms-neighbors-fans/