2739 N Pine Grove, Chicago IL


2739 N Pine Grove, Chicago IL

Scope of work:

Stone Replacement and Restoration, Joint Repointing

Project description:

This beautiful residency which is located in one of Lincoln Park’s best areas has undergone stone restoration and repair. First step of the restoration works was a mortar analysis, which has helped us find a combination of ingredients that closely match the original mortar in color, texture, aggregate that would be sympathetic to the existing historic masonry. After the mortar analysis we have determined the scope of work: repair 15 stone units located on the West elevation at the ground level and one stone sill located above the door entrance at second floor.

The deteriorated sandstone on the West elevations has been restored to its original design and configuration by patching and carving. We have also removed the damaged areas of sandstone and patched with US Heritage Custom Stone Restoration Mortar to restore the stone details. The finished surface have been tooled to match the original finish as closely as possible. All repair of stone elements have been performed by a craftsperson who is familiar with historic lime mortar formulations, curing conditions and performance characteristics.

Repair mortar has been prepared and placed in accordance with the Department of the Interior National Park Service Cultural Resources Preservation Briefs, revised edition October 1998, and in compliance with the guidelines set forth by the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation.

Work have been performed by conservators and artisans having not less than 5 years’ successful experience in comparable masonry restoration.