Deogircof Sandstone Fireplace Restoration, Chicago IL


Deogircof Sandstone Fireplace Restoration, Chicago IL

Scope of work:

Stone Replacement and Restoration, Fireplace Restoration

Project description:

This beautiful sandstone fireplace mantle from Europe was imported with two catches: the mantle had layers of unoriginal paint, and it did not quite fit over the existing brick firebox and fireplace surround. Marion was contracted to clean and strip the mantle to its original sandstone finish, as well as to fill any gaps that resulted from the ill-fitting mantle with custom patching.

Gentle stripping chemicals were used to remove several layers of paint. In more detailed areas, Marion’s artisans hand scraped paint remnants from small crevasses with dental tools.

After the paint was removed, a natural solution of was applied to the surface of the sandstone to neutralize and extract salt deposits that are known to discolor and etch the stone. This residence now has a historic sandstone mantle that appears to be custom made for their home and fireplace.