Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio, Oak Park IL


951 Chicago Avenue, Oak Park IL (Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust)

Scope of work:

Concrete Restoration, Mortar Repointing, Masonry Repointing and Cleaning

Project description:

The Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio is a historic house designed by renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Located at 951 Chicago Avenue in Oak Park, Illinois, the house has been restored by the Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust to its appearance in 1909. This historical building suffered some destruction which were the reason why Marion Restoration took care of this project. We neutralized efflorescence on an entry stair railing wall, repointed mortar on the west garden wall utilizing NHL 3.5, restored concrete on a sidewalk using custom matched concrete, rebuilt solid railing walls from the east and west side. Underside of concrete cantilever and algae growth from brick faces were cleaned using hot water and an anti-fungal agent at low PSI, we cut and repointed brick mortar joints two courses above the concrete cantilever and at the area between the cantilever and upper concrete cap.