Marion Restoration | Silurian Mineral Springhouse, Waukesha WI


700 N Hartwell Ave, Waukesha WI

Scope of work:

Tiles Restoration

Project description:

Silurian Mineral Springhouse was built in 1927 in a Neoclassical style. Constructed at the end of the Spring era, the Silurian Springhouse is considered historically significant as a reminder of the importance of the springs to Waukesha, both economically and culturally. The Springhouse has seven Terra Cotta Murals, which were significantly damaged by the years.
There were many spalls in the glaze, exposing the raw ceramic surface. The condition of the artefact negatively impacted its artistic value.
Marion Restoration took care of them. We took patching samples to find similar materials at the original artifact. Our specialists filed all spalls and cracks with injection grout with natural pigments to recreate the original color of the raw ceramic. To recreate the glaze on the ceramic tiles we used epoxy resin with marble dust as an aggregate and UV resistant mineral pigments. After the resin was cured it was abraded as necessary to match the texture and reflectivity of original glaze.



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