Joint Repointing

Marion Restoration provides all varieties of masonry joint restoration services using matching mortar composition, compressive strength, performance and joint profile. One of our many specialty’s is to repoint butter joints, bead joints, ribbon joints and paneling.

Brick Restoration

Finding a seamless brick match is what we specialize in. Much of the work at Marion Restoration consists of reusing bricks from historic era load bearing masonry construction. Brick work ranges from common varieties, such as Chicago Pink and Milwaukee Cream City to face brick in different sizes, textures and colors.

Stone Restoration

We are experts in the repair and restoration of historic stonework.  In every aspect of stone restoration from custom replication to crack repair, and mortar repointing. We employ only the most highly trained conservators to restore fine stone details. We train and hire expert carvers who can replicate lost stone detailing.


Concrete Restoration

We redefine concrete restoration.  Not only do we execute historic concrete restoration and replication, our conservation techniques have proven successful in remedying issues with modern concrete installations. Our laboratory will analyze and duplicate any concrete mix to make our repair indistinguishable.

Masonry Reconstruction

Reconstruction consists of items such as chimneys, parapets, railings, stair cheek walls, steps, wall segments, etc. that require rebuilding. Our restoration masons will impress the most demanding client and quality requirements. Reconstruction is executed to match the original design using the original materials whenever possible.


Terra Cotta Restoration

We love terracotta. Marion has extensive terra cotta repair, fabrication and restoration experience. We work in partnership with our sister company U.S. Heritage Group, Inc. to develop custom patch materials and coatings. Our conservators will restore any sample or decorative building element and artwork made of ceramic and terracotta.



Mosaic Restoration

The restoration of all varieties of mosaic is a rare skill as trained artisans are rare in the field. Marion seeks out these craftsperson’s worldwide to allow this valuable work to continue. We enjoy reviewing many historic restoration projects bringing beautiful mosaic work back to life. We can restore single mosaic or the entire floor.

Tiles Restoration

Marion will often reset tiles when the grout or bedding mortar is deteriorated. This involves removal of tile units, cleaning of the grout from the tile, clearing of all previous bedding mortar, any necessary substrate repairs, and resetting of the tile in new bedding mortar. The project is finished with grouting. Often in historic tile work the bedding mortar and grout are the same composition and color.

Foundation Restoration

Maintaining foundations in a pristine condition can be challenging. Especially those built with stone or brick. Over time many repairs are implemented using non-breathable repair mortars and coatings that are now failing. White powdery sub-florescence will deposit inside a foundation structure leading to original material disintegration. We’ve developed special techniques to address this common issue. 

Masonry Cleaning

At Marion Restoration, we are using the gentlest cleaning methods possible to remove soiling from masonry. We always begin with a sample mockup. There is no other method for understanding what cleaning product, dwell time, and how many applications are necessary unless testing is undertaken as a first step. Several test samples are executed to establish the gentlest means possible while not over cleaning or damaging the masonry.

Limewashing and Coating

More often than not, coatings added to masonry result in deterioration by trapping moisture within the materials. Your best option is to never use them in the first place, However, many times these improper materials were chosen by the previous owner or contractor. There is no other method for understanding what chemical stripping product to use, dwell time, how many layers of coating, and how many applications are necessary unless testing is completed as a first step.

Traditional Surface Finishes

Marion Restoration’s craftspeople are experienced in the application of traditional lime wash, stuccos and plasters. Lime wash is based on pure slaked lime and water. Lime washed walls produces a unique surface glow due to the refraction of calcite crystals. Mid-evil techniques called penciling were commonly used for hundreds of years on many fine homes throughout the country. We’ve worked on many projects nationwide to re-create this beautiful finish.

Special Restoration Services

We have been told by many clients that there isn’t any task we cannot handle. If your needs are masonry related, we are the best team for the job. If your structure has other specific needs not masonry related, we know the experts to put in contact with you via our wealth of experience with historic structures.

Monument Conservation

We have experience working on major projects in historic cemeteries and mausoleums. We’re proud to help communities, churches and cemeteries preserve the structural integrity and beauty of monuments that may have been hand engraved hundreds of years ago.

Fireplace Restoration

Ornamental sandstone fireplaces bring joy to any home. They provide a comfortable place to gather as a family, they provide heat and light, and they make a room look beautiful. Therefore, it is important to have a properly working fireplace in your home. Fireplace restoration projects vary widely, but no matter the issue, we have a solution to put that fireplace back in beautiful, safe working order.

We take on complex restoration projects that demand sophisticated craftsmanship